A Picture Perfect Digital Scrapbook

Part of the art of digital scrapbooking is making certain all of the different elements match up and look their best. You want to ensure your embellishments appear as 3-D as possible, you know it’s important to make certain your digital layouts offer a color scheme that compliments your scrapbooking crafts and you only add the latest in online technology. All of these features are critical to creating the best digital scrapbooks you can, but a simple thing like getting your photos in order can really make or break a project.Adobe Photoshop is a simple program with easy to solve fixes. Here are some tips to help you get started upgrading one of the key features of your digital scrapbook through Adobe Photoshop – your pictures.Get Rid of Red EyeIf the pics are taken with a flash instead of natural lighting, the odds of red eye are huge. The good news is that the problem is an easy one to fix.Using the Adobe Photoshop Program, all you have to do is select the red eye tool brush. Zoom in on the eyes and then adjust the brush size to the size of the pupils in the photo. Go to Sampling (found up towards the right of Help) and select First Click. Click on the red eye area and Voila! The pupil will turn back to black.Crop Your Photo to FitWhen you are working with set scrapbook templates, making certain your photo is the right fit is a big part of making your scrapbook pages look their best. Cropping your photos will help achieve this.Select the crop tool, found three down on the left hand side of the tools. Click on crop options and enter the size and width you need the picture to be for your digital scrapbooking layouts. Hit Enter to crop the image. Save the new version.Clean Up the BackgroundIf background photo clutter is interfering with your creative scrapbooking vision, put that clutter away. Blurring out these distractions is a cinch with a few simple steps.Open your photo and click on the Lasso icon. This tool will appear in the second row down on your left hand side. Use the lasso to circle the part of the picture you want to have as your main focus. Go up to Select and click on Inverse then go back to Select and click on Feather. Before you get wild and start to feather, head on up to Enhance and adjust your Color until you get to the Hue and Saturation option. There, you are simply going to de-saturate the color that’s there until it no longer catches the eye.Note: You can also use the blur tool in the background, but it’s always good to try de-saturating the color first.If you are just getting started with digital scrapbooking, fixing your pictures is one of the key things you can do to ensure a quality scrapbook page. Take the time to perfect your images and you will be on your way to perfecting the art of creative scrapbooking.

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An Art With A New Life Form: With Digital Music And MP3s!

“Music that gentlier on the spirit lies than tired eyelids upon tired eyes”The act of finding a recluse with your inner-self listening away to the tunes of your favorite maestro has evolved from the archaic vinyl record album to the compact disc and finally the ubiquitous iPods and mp3 players of today. Music is the opium of the listener’s state of mind, thus the same tune could possibly be felt in a million different awe-inspiring ways to represent mind’s momentary fusion of the ambience. With the advent of digital music and effervescent mode of internet distribution, the mp3 players and the iPods have given us this freedom of choice – free from the constraints of listening to what the music industry chooses to limit within the bounds of the magnetic/optico-magnetic media. It’s been a fascinating metamorphosis.The mechanism of how people listen to music has evolved over the generations with the prevailing discoveries in the technology. In 1978, Sony introduced the portable, easy-to-carry along reliable Walkman, making it a hot-favorite trendy gadget for the younger people. CDs and CD players became a reality in 1983, with the advent of the capability of reading small discs by laser beams. Never before had the music aficionado access to such clarity and distortion-free listening experience.The rapid adoption rate of CDs caused the disappearance of LPs and vinyl single records from the industry. The introduction of iPod and similar mp3 players in November 2001 revolutionized the archetypal distribution of digital music for the millions of music lovers. With the new audio compression technology and widespread acceptance of the world-wide-web, mp3 or WMA files could be created and archived in the virtual world, without the fear of wearing out a cassette or scratching a CD.As these hi-tech gadgets have evolved over the years, you could carry along 100′s of CDs worth of music in a device slightly bigger than a deck of cards. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, CD sales fell 22.3 percent by January 2003, and internet music-downloading services such as Apple’s iTunes are expected to have 23 percent of the market by 2008. In October 2004, Apple announced that consumers had so far purchased 150 million songs from iTunes and the company sells about 4 million songs every week.The advent of online music has been the music lover’s boon, but has caused a serious disruption of art-form in the creation of cover art and liner notes for the music industry. The popular art-form of composing an album is probably losing ground as individuals may pick and choose the songs to download and play from the internet.Another significant devious impact of online digital music has been the explosion of illegal distribution of music resulting in loss of royalties for the musicians. If we, the music lovers, can join hands to protect the interests of the artists, digital music has caused the first sprout of music in an organic life-form, freeing this wonderful work of art from the bounds of human control!

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Health Care At Home

Health care at home is the perfect way for a healthy recovery. When staying at home, the feeling of personal care will always be there as friends and families will always stop by showing their support for the recovering. The recovery could even be better compared to a regular hospital stay because the services are one-on-one and not just generic help where doctors and nurses pass through their patients with less personal care. Opting for home health care with additional professional help ensures that the person recovers to the best of their capability.Coming home from the hospital is a joyous moment for everyone. The patient is finally home after grueling days, weeks, or months and the recovery is ongoing. Everyone is happy and the patient also feels glad to be home where resting is more comfortable.But going home during recovery requires a lot of assistance from the family members. Unfortunately, the help needed by the patient often requires professional aid. Knowledge of the medicine and properly monitoring the general health condition is not something that can be learned overnight. This is one reason why many families have opted to seek the aid of a medical professional for personal, home-based assistance for their loved one’s recovery.One of the big advantages of home health care is that the patient will receive more personalized attention from a professional with experience. Because of their training, they know how to properly monitor the patient and administer the required medicine. But aside from their expertise, their presence is also a great help for the patient because it is considered a form of assurance. Patients can easily ask for help anytime and the care they receive is more personalized at home.At first glance, personalized health care at home may seem like a very expensive option. But considering the advantages of patients who recover quickly at home, the amount of money spent in the hospital is a lot more. Most insurance plans are accepted for these services. Patients who cannot easily adjust in a hospital setting will have a hard time recovering because they do not feel comfortable. But home care immediately boosts the confidence of patients as they know they are cared for by a professional while they stay at home where their body is at ease.It’s also important to see the advantages of staying at home to the family and to the patient. As already indicated, staying at home gives the patient peace and quiet. This helps the body relax more and be receptive to the medical attention given by the medical professional. The encouragement of the family and friends is also considered valuable. Hearing the words from a patient’s friends and family members is a good way to give the patient a boost to recover faster. Home health care is not just about giving personalized medical attention – it is also a way of giving the patient the moral support for a better recovery.

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Universal Health Care in Massachusetts Stumbles

Three years ago Massachusetts passed ground breaking legislation to mandate universal health care for all residents of the state. Now it seems that legislation is breaking the Massachusetts budget.The newest state budget has eliminated health care coverage for about 30,000 legal immigrants to help close an ever growing budget deficit. In addition to stopping the health care for the legal immigrants, Commonwealth Care also expects to stop automatically enrolling low-income resident who fail to enroll themselves.Gov. Deval Patrick has asked the legislature to restore $70 million to the program. That amount would only partially restore the benefits now received by legal immigrants.Robert DeLeo, the Speaker of the State House of Representatives, said Governor Deval had made a compelling case for continuing to provide health care for immigrants, but Mr. DeLeo said, “we only have so much money.” If the legislature does not agree to Governor Deval’s proposal, the cuts will take effect in August.After passage of the health reform law, Massachusetts had the lowest percentage of uninsured residents at 2.6%. The national average for uninsured residents is around 15%.Advocates representing immigrant, labor and health advocacy organizations launched a campaign on Wednesday to restore funds for health benefits for 30,000 immigrants covered by the Commonwealth Care program in the 2010 Massachusetts budgetAs Washington pours forth health reform proposals, most with murky budgets at best, they might look at Massachusetts and make very sure they really have a way to pay for their proposals.Giving health insurance and then taking it away is a much harder burden to bear than not having it in the first place. People who came to rely on the program and started treatments are now left with few options.Lindsey Tucker at Health Care for All an advocacy group in Boston told reporters that restoring $70 million of the estimated $130 million cut would only provide some preventative and emergency care.Enrollment in Commonwealth Care has risen sharply recently as unemployment has increased. With tax collections down by $2.7 billion for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2009, lawmakers said they had no choice but to make cuts.

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